The Case

Unique, Lightshows for Incoming Phone, Text, Email & Apps!

Introducing SkyToyzGlo - the ILLUMINATED iPhone Smartcase that Visually and Silently Alerts you to Incoming Messages with Unique, Brilliant Lightshows.

This Is Not Your Normal Smartphone Case!

The SkyToyzGlo Smartcase produces brilliant lightshow notifications for incoming smartphone communications. The SkyToyzGlo Smartcase is a smart, protective case like no other smartphone case available.

The SkyToyzGlo Smartcase is available in many beautiful colors. Click here to order and become one of the first to enjoy the style and convenience of unique lightshow notifications!

Key Features:


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Incoming Call Alert

Incoming Email Alert

Incoming Text Alert

Easy Set Up: Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts "ON"

Settings General Accessibility LED Flash for Alerts "ON"